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Roof Replacement That Improves Structural Integrity

Those spots that appear on your ceiling when it rains mean you have a roof leak. It would be best if you acted quickly to prevent interior damage to walls. Restore your house’s overhead protection from the elements with a roof replacement. We offer various home improvements to help you create a unique house. For restoration and roofing, the price varies per job. Reach out to us to discuss the work you want to have done.

Carrollton House Roofing
Heath Roofing DFW
Rockwall Roofing Restoration
Haus Roofing and Restoration
Large Scale Roofing Details
Complete Restoration of a Roof
East Texas Roofing and Restoration
Roofing installation and repair

Full Restoration

Repairs may not be enough to fix the damage to your home. We offer full restoration that makes your house look beautiful again. From house painting and fence installation to gutter and window replacement, we do complete work. Services include cleanup to prevent you from having to do it.

Complete Roofing Restoration
Complete Roof Restoration
Major and Minor Roofing Restoration
Hail Damage
Roofing Restoration
Professional Roofing Company


Commercial Roofing San Angelo
Residential upscale upgrade
Church of Christ Roofing Restoration
Detailed Roofing Company
Historic Downtown San Angelo
Metal Roof San Angelo
Blains Pub
Metal Barn
Metal Roofing & Restoration
No job is too big or small
Commercial Roofing

We do commercial and residential roofing and have experience with shingle, metal, and flat roofing. To ensure your structure has a strong roof, our GAF-certified roofers can install a new roof on a property under construction or tear off your existing  old roof and install a new one both residential & commercial properties. 


Let us help you plan a successful construction project. We actively manage the budget development process, provide timely input and alternate methods, and monitor the availability of materials and compatibility of costs.

Hail Damage Ariel View
Commercial Roofing Supplies
Tornado Ariel View
Roofing & Restoration
North Texas Ariel Views
Each Roof is detailed to perfection
GAF System Plus Warranty Package
Latest technology used by Haus Roofing
Detailed assessment for each project
Quality Workmanship
Screen assessment
Hail Damage
Attention to Detail
Fire Damage
Sunlight Fixtures Can Damage
External Damage
Hail Damage


We can help you decide on roofing and restoration options that will enhance your house. Our combined experience and construction familiarity provide added benefits throughout the proposal, pre-construction, design development, and construction stages. Haus Roofing will help you throughout the insurance process making sure everything is captured during your claim.

Before & After Roofing Remodel.png

Safety Inspections

Our robust safety inspections provide safety and incident prevention resources, education, and enforcement for all areas of a construction site. We will keep you safe.


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